5 Ways to Deal with Painful Sex


When considering pain during sex, it's important to stress that we are not talking about anything sadomasochistic. If consenting adults enjoy spanking or cracking whips that's fine but it's an entirely separate topic. What we're talking about here is the type of agony that can occur right in the middle of sex, hampering the experience for both parties. However this occurs it can certainly become an issue. Once the sexual act becomes associated with pain this can create a climate of fear. Libido can become affected as couples become less inclined to get intimate.


It might seem obvious but sex is far better when both partners are totally relaxed. The slightest sign of tension can cause genital muscles to stiffen. From the woman's perspective, this can make sex more uncomfortable. In order to counter this it's important to wind down prior to doing the deed. Everything from soft music, scented candles and a glass or two of wine to sensual massages has the potential to enhance the atmosphere.

Size matters

If a guy is larger than average then being on the receiving end can be quite sore, especially if the cervix is being directly impacted. The answer to this problem is to experiment with different sexual positions. This in itself can really enhance a couple's sex life as each new configuration is tried out. The female can also gain more confidence in requesting that her lover be gentler with her.


Genital herpes or yeast infections will cause some pain during sex, with women may not always being aware that they have an infection. The good news is that these are all treatable. Confiding the symptoms to a doctor can lead to simple tests, with pain relief readily available over the counter at chemists.

Initial arousal

One reason a woman often finds penetration sore is when her partner jumps the gun. Females generally require far more foreplay. This starts the natural process of blood flowing to genitalia, which in turn will stimulate lubrication. Guys should pay attention to prolonged kissing and caressing, and gradual stimulation with fingertips but especially their tongue. There are many lubricants available to help getting the vagina prepared for sex, from tubes of lube to body butters available from organic stores.


Stomach or abdomen pain can become exacerbated during sex. Perhaps partners have enjoyed a rich meal prior to retiring to the bedroom. Or an individual might be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), causing intestinal cramps. The fact is that anything involving a lot of energetic rolling around is only going to bring these painful symptoms to the fore.

Again, the solution is hardly rocket science. IBS is a common problem that can be eradicated by eating sensibly or seeking a chemist's advice about the choice of medication to take. Stress levels will also provoke IBS, so relaxation is crucial prior to getting down to anything intimate.