When is The Best Time to Have Sex?


What is the best time of the day to have sex?

OK, ‘anytime' isn't a proper answer because while we all love sex, different things happen to our bodies at different times of the day. Is it better to have it in the morning as soon as we wake up? What about before we go to sleep at night? Or is there a happy medium in the afternoon?
Let's find out the better time to have sex not just for your enjoyment but for your health as well.

Sex in the Morning

So you have a load of sleep in your eyes and your breath could do with a mint or 5. It hardly sounds like the best time to have sex does it? You'll probably not be at your most attractive first thing in the day.
Men have a higher level of testosterone in their bodies after a good night's sleep. What does this mean? Well not only are they horny when they wake up but they'll have more energy as well. Woman are in a good position too. The release of endorphins that comes with sex as soon as you get out of bed lowers your blood pressure and anxiety levels. Basically sex sets you up for the day.


Sex Before You Go to Sleep

When wondering about whens the best time to have sex most people seem to think at night.
Well, they wouldn't be far wrong. Remember those fabulous endorphins we mentioned above? They are released again along with oxytocin. This has a pleasant sedative effect on your body and mind. So essentially you drift off to sleep pretty quickly after having sex with your partner. Not a bad way to end the day is it?
You'll wake up the next day feeling pretty good as well due to the full night's sleep you just got.

When is The Best Time for Sex?

So, morning or night time? When is the best time to have sex?
Here's a sitting on the fence answer – they are both good! Sex does different things to us at different parts of the day. In the morning it releases powerful chemicals into our system that perks us up, makes us feel euphoric and gets the day off to a great start. In fact, it has also been shown to reduce stress levels and blood pressure too.
If you aren't a morning person or don't fancy getting intimate with your partner before you head to work, having sex at night is beneficial as well. Getting a good night's sleep is critical to our health and sex helps you achieve that. It makes us tired afterwards and combine that with how good we feel having sex then you will drift off to some pretty awesome dreams.
Sex is great at any time of the day. Medically speaking you should try and have sex in the morning and at night as much as you possible can as they both have different health benefits.
Starting and finishing your day with an orgasm can't be a bad thing, can it?