The curse of the friend zone: when you're just a step away from quagmire of hopelessness


Although the world of adult relations is full of sweet joy and sincere excitement, it's dark side contains lots of traps lying in wait for a careless simpleton unable to understand what's what in dating for sex and romance.

If you think, fellas, that I'm trying to make myself Mr. I-Know-It-All-About-Love and cast a shadow on your priceless dating experience, you risk to make one of the most serious mistake in your lives! Actually, I can't say that I'm a total loser in adult fishing but very often I do fall into the same crap before the Great Success. That's that!

Still, if you want to get rid of all that shivers actual “trip for romance” can give you, you can always turn to free hot sex chat or spend a couple of bucks on the best horny dating websites – it's all up to you. But if you want to feel true taste of adult love, you just need to meet those dangerous but so damn hot ‘n' sexy creatures called women in person.

Whatever you do, don't let her friend-zone you!
Among many serious troubles you can face in romantic relations, there's one thing that actually means the end for all your future-connected bright hopes. That pesky thing is known as friend zone: once there, you have no chance to become a full-fledged lover; from now on, you are just a Friend for her! In other words, you can have a sexy chick on you arm, but she still can't go for a date with you. Why? Cause you're “close friends” and your mental connection shouldn't be violated by terrible sin of carnal desires. Sweet, isn't it?!

In this regard, men, you should try your best to suppress all your sexy ladies' attempts to turn the dawn of love into the glare of burning dreams. The following tips will help you to choose the right way to your mutual happiness:

Don't let your love mate hang out with other men. Of course, there's a sort of guys you have to accept in your company (usually, those are hapless victims of the friend zone created by your sweetheart, just for lulz!). Some of those “friends” can be truly harmless so you have nothing to worry about. The men I'm talking about, can be considered as naturally born heartbreakers looking for a chance to have one-time date with a credulous nice-looking thing. So, next time you see your girlfriend needs a strong shoulder to cry on, stay close to her – just in case!

Stop being afraid of rejections. Usually, before getting acquainted with another sexy girl we think about our chances for success. Stop doing that, folks! Instead of finding a thousand and one excuse for your indecision, just go and try your luck! If not, it's not, just go with it; make situation clear once and for all.

Make your intentions clear to her. Being direct (not stalking) is always helpful when you try to make a new start in dating for romance. Most women just love sweet games with men able to give clear hints on their (men's) sincere feelings. Such an innocent “innuendo amusement” is the first step on the way to your bedroom: genuine interest spiced with a pinch of mystery is the main ingredient of the potion able to save you from being friend-zoned in the first five minutes of your date.