Sex Tips for Tired People


The census reveals couples are not having much sex lately. Who's surprised to hear that? Not I. The reasons differ from couple to couple, and most say the lack of sex is because they are too tired.

Making a living is hard work and when you're tired, sex can be the last and the first thing on your mind. Let's face it, we all get tired at one time or another. We work outside of the home; we work when we get home. It's work, work, work… all the time.

Couples want to, but the body says, “We'll do it tomorrow,” or “Have your people call my people and schedule a meeting for next week.”

At the same time, if you are getting on in years, your body may not function like it did 20 years ago, or even 10 or 5 years ago. You don't think about having sex like you once did and it's okay, but if you want to have sex and are just too tired, then keep reading to find out what you can do to make intimate time better.

Sex tips for tired people

Remember, a couple doesn't always have to have sex. Just cuddling and kissing can be enough stimulation for some men and women. Intimacy is about enjoying each other's touch, smell and presence.

Sex position for tired people

Try the Linguini a la Cosmo if you're tired and stressed. Simply, grab a pillow and lay on your left or right side, it doesn't matter, but use the pillow for head support. The man should kneel right behind you or your booty and lean with it. Next, put one of his knees right between your lovely legs. When he gets into position, he can then penetrate the vagina. After he's inside, he can rest one hand on your backside for support. The best thing about this position is that the woman doesn't really have to make many movements. In fact, she should be as limp as possible.


Making sex a precedence

If sex is not a priority right now, it should be. Get back to the old days of when you guys were dating or something close to it. Sex is extremely important in a healthy relationship. Sex can be fun, so try some new tricks or adult toys if necessary to hype up the action in the bedroom or kitchen even.

But contrarily, intimacy isn't always about having sex or reaching an orgasm. Just the closeness is comfort enough some nights. However, or whenever you two decide to take the time out, remember, no pressure. Touch each other, talk dirty to one another or just talk with your head on your man's chest. Listen to his heartbeat.

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On the other hand, the University of Washington claims the drop off in sex is due to both partners having careers and families. More couples are going off to work every day to make ends meet or to provide for their families. You can get so caught up in making a living, you forget to live.