I know it's hard to believe, lads, but all we were females once... (Video)


Don't know about you men, but I used to think that all parts of my body are “specially designed” to meet the highest standards of a men's life. And I was really surprised when I learned that my soul temple of flesh has many things in common with female bodies!

Moreover, modern science provides rather interesting (and very surprising!) data concerning specific “devices” all we, men, have but don't actually use during the lifetime. Let me ask you, fellas: do you really know why do you need nipples? No, seriously, can you explain their presence on your breast? Bet, you have no idea about the way you can use them (excluding those cases when we are busy with dating adult routine – some men just love when chicks play with their breast nipples).

Okay, let's cut the cackle! The following video will tell you more about that time when we were all… women. Just check it out: