Love Your Lady Parts - Self-esteem Down There


Women have so much to do when it comes to self-esteem; looking and feeling good about ourselves. However, as we age, our lady parts age with us, not only our face, arms and boobs, but our vaginas feel the effects of time as well.

It may be something we think about, but rarely do anything about it. On one hand, we may not know we can control vaginal sagging. The first time I heard about having cosmetic surgery down there, I flipped! At first thought, I questioned “Who does that?”

On second thought, I felt it wasn't a bad idea, but another question popped up and I asked, “Who can afford that?” So, I took to Google to find out what exactly could I do to prevent my lady parts from looking their true age.

An expert in women's sexual health, Ms Karen Boyle, M.D., says some gynecologists don't tell their patients about vaginal (vulva) changes and when they happen, these women start to panic. Not to worry though, there are ways in which we can prevent some of those changes to our lady parts.

Hoo-ha rejuvenation
The hoo-ha starts to change when a woman enters her 20s. She can lose some of the fat in the outer labia and the fatty tissue just above the lips down there or the Mons pubis. The vagina is no different from our face or breast in that it all changes over time, especially due to weight gain, weight loss and age.

Menopause is the top reason for changes down there. The vaginal lining thins, the blood flow diminishes and the muscles start to weaken in the pelvic area. If you thought sagging breast could have an effect on the self-esteem, then think about what a drooping hoo-ha could do to your sexual confidence.

If you read the study in Psychology of Women Quarterly, you know women are not happy with the affects of age and their vaginas. These women are feeling some type of way about having sex and they would rather not indulge in sexual encounters, especially with new partners.

For those reasons, vaginal rejuvenation is becoming more popular than ever, but you don't have to undergo surgery to tighten the hoo-ha. Let's take a look at some ways you can prevent vaginal low self-esteem.

Avoid weight gain and weight loss
When you gain weight, your vulva stretches and when you lose weight and don't tighten the skin, it sags. Makes sense, right? The more you flip flop, the more the vagina changes. It's important to be a good, stable weight as you age.

Practice Kegels often
We don't squeeze often enough, ladies. And when we do, most of us don't do it right. It's important when we squeeze, to hold long the position. Remember to pause at least for a count of five and repeat. The experts suggest doing Kegels 300 times a day, but who does that? Certainly, not me! Well, practice more of them while you're having sex. Your partner will appreciate the work out.

Don't stop having orgasms
While it may be your choice to stop having relationships, you shouldn't stop having orgasms. However, semen is the best remedy for the aging vagina. Surprisingly, semen has anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acids which helps the vagina to stay young. As a sexual health tip, try being on top more when you're having sex. It will prevent the man from going to far into the vagina and stretching it.