Would you go to bed with me?” A few signs she's ready to get laid


Suppose, you got your lucky ticket in sex dating for free and have the first date with a new love mate just in an hour after sticking in local adult chat. Actually, the situations like that are pretty usual in the Adult Web: now you're chatting with a sweet thing living just a couple of blocks from you, and a couple of hours later you meet her to have a good time in reality. And when it comes to real-life dates thing may seem less obvious than in the chat room. Been there, done that.

On the other hand, when you see your sweetheart three or four times a week and really enjoy her company, you may get pretty clear signs that she's ready to level up your current relations and get laid this very night. Fortunately for you, laddie, those signs are pretty easy to catch. Still, if you need a hand to read “I want you!” line in her eyes, the following clues will help you to understand your girlfriend's intentions:

She says she feels comfy with you. You see, to start thinking about having sex with new sex partner, most women need to feel safe in his company. Another thing she needs to jump in your bed is trust: if you inspire confidence in your love mate, you have all chance to get a sweet “reward” for that. In your case it will be fiery sex on the very next date!


She cant keep her hands off your body. When you feel her tender touches get more frequent, it's a sign that she's falling for you. In fact, putting her hands on you is nothing but another way to let you know your girlfriend is really attracted to you. So, don't waste your time and try your best to make your physical contact more defined and pleasant. You know what I mean, don't ya?

She wants to know more about your previous sexual experience. How many girls have you slept with? What was the result of your last STDs test? When you hear question of that kind from your sex mate-to-be, be sure she's about to add you to her personal list of lovers. Though telling your current girlfriend about your ex-passions can't be considered as the best idea ever, still, if she insists you may share a part of your sexual history with her. Besides, being that open may add extra scores to your image in her eyes: your turtledove may feel very comfortable with such a serious and honest Man like you.

She answers “Yes!” when you ask for jumping her bones. Ain't that too obvious to be a “secret sign?” Actually, it is but the main thing here is that her positive response means you're absolutely done with the initial training and now she

1. feels comfy with you;
2. finds your sexual experience wide enough make you her next Mr. Perfect;
3. burns with passion (in some cases).

Franky, folks, if you want to see your lady really wants you just keep your eyes wide open, and your brains running. That'll do!