How Can You Tell if a Girl is in the Mood for Sex?



For a woman to convey she is in the mood by touch, it doesn't mean she'll grasp your hand and haul you towards the bedroom (although this scenario is not entirely unknown.) This will be done far more casually. Perhaps you're in the kitchen, rinsing dishes after an enjoyable meal. She has plenty room to get by you en route to the fridge to replenish your wine glasses, yet she squeezes past. If you feel her breath against your neck, this means she wants you to abandon the washing up. Now.


Does your partner seem to be in an unusually prickly mood? Perhaps she appears overly talkative; or the opposite, coming across as introspective while you're trying to have a chat. This might well indicate she is simply in a mood. Ask her outright. If she denies there is any reason for this restlessness, then it could well be down to something far more interesting. Deep down she is feeling horny. While it might be disconcerting having to put up with what appears to be grumpiness, just weather the storm. Move in and suggest a little back massage to soothe her taut muscles. You could well unleash some explosive feelings.


Getting ready for a night out is a special occasion for any woman. The golden rule for guys is to keep well out the way. The last thing she'll want is to be answering questions while she's staring into her mirror, intent on getting her make-up right. As for showering, washing, blow-drying and sculpting hair – all you need to remember is to compliment the final result. But there may be occasions when she hops out of the bathroom in just a towel, and instead of going for the dressing table she catches your eye and invites you to give her hair a good rub. This teasing can occur at any point of the preparation process. If she deliberately tries on her new party frock right in front of you, slowly peeling her stockings into place, chances are she's after something a bit more memorable than “you look nice, dear.”


Feminine guile often dictates these signs are not always obvious, and can never be taken for granted. But women can be far more forthcoming. Say you're at a dull wedding or dreary works function. A female might overcompensate for feeling bored, knocking back drink, dragging you onto the dancefloor. Always go with this inner friskiness, bombarding her with compliments, telling her how gorgeous she looks as she tosses her hair around and dances her socks off. The next step might well be hearing her whisper about taking your private party to a secluded restroom cubicle. One where there's definitely a lock on the door.