The greatest investigations in field of adult sex dating: why do women cheat


Yep, cheating hurts everyone, especially when you think it's one of those things that is absolutely impossible in your case; in those sweet relations you're trying to build with a woman who loves you so much (in fact, she really does). However, lots of modern knights without fear and reproach apply to free sex sites in order to make a new start in adult dating just because their lovely turtledoves (ex- ones) were caught red-handed (to put it mildly). The adult world can be rough, that's for sure!

Main reasons women usually do “that thing” with other men.
Although it's pretty hard to talk about such an unpleasant thing as cheating, you gotta learn more about this phenomenon just to understand the reasons why do women actually decide on faithlessness. In this regards, usual stories most women share on forums or in chat with other dames make the best source of information. Let's skip long stories full of fearsome details about heartless creatures called men you can find in the women's Web and focus on the very reasons of female treason:

Boredom. Some women prefer to have adult fun with males from outside just to that level of excitement their legitimate sex partners were able to provide just a couple of weeks/months/years ago. Just to amuse themselves! So, to avoid the cuckold-stuff you, guys, may need to add a couple of new tricks to your sexual life. Don't hesitate to be initiative and creative – it's totally worth it!

Petty conflicts. Every time you have a quarrel you make your sweetheart feel uncomfortable and insecure which makes her want to decrease the stress via having sex with someone less hot-tempered. The only thing you need here is to learn to admit her right, Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D., marriage therapist says. Well, when it comes to serious problems in relations, you may want to try even the most weird solutions!

She feels too cozy with you. Believe it or not, fellas, but many women feel unsatisfied with their current relations when their sexy partners are unable to be ambitious and challenging. To put it otherwise, if you always try to avoid the “drive” you have all chances to get a couple of nice horns in the nearest future. To forget about the risk in this case you need to invest in your own mutual happiness: make plans for future, share responsibilities with your life companions and you'll see that better moments of your relations are yet to come. Good luck!