Second Date Tips for Men – It’s Time to Move On!


You've done it, I know how you feel so much energy and emphasis goes into the first date, but the good news is it's over, you have done well and can confidently move on to the second date. But it's not in the bag just yet, the second date rules are just as, if not more important than the first. The first date went well, you've gone your separate ways, and plans have been made to see each other again, but what now?! Here are some 2nd date tips for men.

Fast forward the Film!
First up on the agenda of second date tips is, don't go to the cinema, skip the movies and bring your second date to life, real life. Going to the cinema restricts the time you have to get to know each other, all the boring obvious questions were asked in the first date, now it's time to learn more about each other. Sitting in a dark room with lots of other people not talking to one another is not going to help!

Location, Location, Location
So if not the cinema, then where? First dates are consumed by nervous energy and usually take place on common ground such as a coffee shop, or a restaurant or bar for drinks. But the hope is that you have learned something about her during the first date, her likes, interests, hobbies and so on. Second date tips include not being afraid to use this power for good, as it will create an exciting date, a date she should be interested in and show that you have been listening and interested in what she had to say previously. Step away from the bar, reduce alcohol intake and organise a date that you can both enjoy, take the pressure off a 1 to 1 ‘interview' situation. Did she mention a bowling alley nearby, does she like horses, could going to the races interest her, is there a retail outlet that's recently opened up that you could both enjoy each other's company in, take a train to the nearest city and so on, you get the picture!

Second Date Rules – Q & A


Whereas going to the cinema prevents this, picking a location or a venue that promotes this is crucial. Ask lots of questions your next second date advice. Don't interrogate and don't ask the simple questions you discussed in the first date, as this may show you were not paying attention or interested in what she had to say. 2nd date advice will always include not being afraid to dig a little deeper, what's her goals, her ambitions, her interests in life. However, the A stands for an answer, this goes for you too, don't be afraid to open up and discuss what your goals and ambitions are, share your thoughts and feelings and become a little closer.

Although questions are good and inquisitive, questions along the lines of are you having fun, do you like me, am I doing ok, or we now bf and gf can certainly come across a little desperate and that you lack confidence in seeking reassurance. Reading signs and body language is a top and key second date tip. You can test the water by asking if they would like to grab a drink after this (date/event) to see if she is interested in the date continuing past what you have arranged. Also during the date pay attention to her, smile and make eye contact and if she's reciprocating and doing the same then she may well feel conformable to continue, good sign!

Eggs in one Basket
Don't forget it is just the second date, and you're doing well, you can certainly build a blossoming relationship from here. But don't delete your dating accounts just yet and do not change any statuses on Facebook, she will be dating other people and boy you should be too. Keep your options open, enjoy the moment and allow what you both have to grow naturally, don't put all your eggs in one basket as this will affect your self-confidence, and trust me it will show!