Top Sex Tips that Every Man Should Follow


Everyone wants to have better sex because it is one of the most pleasurable things we can experience as human beings. Men want to know how to last longer, women want to know how to have the most intense orgasm but over but men should seek the best sex advice so they can pleasure their partner in a way that will leave them wanting more. Learning the best sex tips for guys is the best way of getting the most out of your sexual experience and ensuring that she has fun at the same time.

Sex Tips for Men


Education is Key

We are not born to completely understand how to be good lovers and this is one of the best forms of sexual advice that can be given. Many people expect themselves to be great lovers but in reality, it does not work like that at all. Being good between the sheets takes time, plenty of practice and a good old spot of education will make a huge difference. Learning about sex is not just about the act itself because there is a lot more to it – men sexual health, sex technique and many other aspects to consider.
There are many books that can be read to improve sexual knowledge as well as online content. Many books will help you to refine your oral sex techniques while others will help you to understand how to get women in the mood. Learning is fun, so you should enjoy it.

Respect the fact that she is different


Understanding sex in general is vital and it is crucial to understand that women work differently right across the sex. To add to this, what one woman enjoys won't necessarily be the same for another woman. Regardless of who you are with, you need to appreciate the act that you will need to get to know her body in the same way as you would have to get to know her personally. Ask her what she likes and what she wants and also asking if you are doing it right will give you a clear indications. Understand her feedback and take notice of the way in which she responds verbally and physically. Heavy breathing is a good sign and when you find your rhythm does she moan more?

So, appreciate that she is not like any of your past partners although your past experiences is all for them basis of your sexual skills enabling you to have better sexuality. So, do not compare her to the way in which a previous partner may have orgasmed or the way in which she may have reacted because that is not a helpful way to gauge things.

Women are different to men

The fact that we are all different is what makes the world go round and that is certainly true when it comes to sex. There are many men who believe that female sexuality works in the same way as it does for men but this is not true. Women in general take longer to get turned on while most men are sex ready in the blink of an eye. In fact, some men shame women for taking too long to climax but that is all part of the fun. Being good in bed is all about taking your time and appreciating and understanding her needs. Respect the differences because woman experience pleasure, arousal and desire in different ways to men.

Care about the way she is pleasured


This is something that you should think about anyway but a large number of men take very little notice of way in which their partner is pleasured. Whether you are having casual sex or sex in a relationship this is one of the best sex technique tips you can take notice of. You should take immense pleasure in pleasuring your partner and making them feel good. You should spend time focusing on her body and telling her how much you enjoy her and hearing her moan and groan. You really will get a huge amount of sexual pleasure from knowing that you are giving her pleasure.

There is no need to pressure her

Your main aim should be to make her feel good because you have invested in making her feel that way, however, you do not want to pressure her into having an orgasm. Of course, it is a great feeling to make her orgasm but she should not be made to feel that she should have an orgasm. This kind of pressure will only detract from everything you have done to make her feel good and when you put pressure on her, you could cause her to lose enjoyment.
If she doesn't orgasm, it is no big deal. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't but the main thing is that you both enjoy having sex together. Understanding the best sex technique tips for guys will ensure that you always pleasure her.