Parts of Woman's Body are the Most Sensitive - Guide for Men


I don't care what anyone says, sex is good! There's nothing wrong with clearing off the table and throwing everything on the floor and having a heated love affair. The bedroom becomes boring after a period of time, however, it's still a good place to land when you're swinging from the chandelier or pole.

Contrary to popular belief, there's not a set number of times a couple should “do it” each day, either. If you and your partner want to sex up to five times a day, I say go for it. Besides, a good sex partner knows where to go to change a “No, I have a headache” to “Are you cumming?!”

What turns a woman on?

Study after study has been done to answer the question, “What do women want?” What really stimulates a woman to the point of exploding inside and some times, outside. It could be many things.

The answer could be just a touch, a vibration, a pressure in the right spot. The female body is sensitive, but where exactly is the most excitable place on her body?

My neck is the most sensitive spot on my body and for a lot of other women, too. Where is the best place to apply pressure? Some times it's best to ask a woman how much pressure is too much before you touch her nipples or clitoris. All this touching is great, but a vibrator can bring a woman to her knees.

The clit, vagina, breast, abdomen, anus and labia minora are weakening body points. They are sensitive areas, especially when vibrations are applied. All you really need is a light touch to turn a woman on.

However, the areola is really not that erogenous. The light contact areas are the neck, clit, forearm and nipples. Pressure points include the clitoris, and nipple, but touching the sides of the breasts and the stomach are not as excitable as the other areas.

Couples, according to a recent survey, enjoy using adult products in the bedroom. But you must know how to use them correctly. Again, the clitoris and the nipples are it, fellas, if you are thinking about applying a vibrator. That should win you a standing ovation.


The forgotten erogenous zone

The feet are pleasure points as well. There are all sorts of tricks one can use on the toes and feet starting with the foot massage. See, you're already oohing and awing and you've only thought of how it would feel. For people who dare put those things in their mouths, sucking the toes can bring on arousal rather quickly.

The derriere

Some couples don't miss the opportunity for foreplay. Massage works wonders as it relaxes the body. A glass of wine wouldn't hurt, either, but when working the lower back, don't be afraid to touch the booty. Yes, touch it, squeeze it and even kiss it. For some women and men, it feels wonderful. It can turn up the heat in a room especially coupled with scented candles and oils.

The back of the neck and eyelids

Tender kisses on the neck and eyelids can send chills up a woman's spine and then directly to her vaginal area. There's something special about a kiss around the eyes. It shows affection on another level, almost makes a woman feel safe.

Caressing the back of the neck and gently giving it kisses can ignite a fire on any given day or night. As a matter of fact, put your tongue on the neck for extra pleasure. Be careful though. The right movements can cause seizure-like shudders in a woman.