When is the Berry the Juiciest: Tips to Maximize Her Orgasm


As a young woman, you might think that your orgasms are the best they'll ever get. Honey, the best is only yet to come! According to a new study, you'll will have incredible orgasms when you're in your mid-30s (36 to be precise). Why is this? Well, it's partially because you're going to feel much more confident and attractive at this age, but you'll also enjoy sex the most.

The study surveyed 2,600 women and discovered that depending on what age group you were in, the less comfortable the woman felt in their skin. This correlates to how much they enjoy sex. The youngest age group (23 and below) found themselves to be incredibly sexy and attractive, but their orgasms were few and not very enjoyable.

Middle of the road women, from 23 and 36, said they weren't happy with their bodies and their orgasms were okay. Older women, 36 and above, said they enjoyed sex much more now than they have in the past. So – yes, how you experience sex and how you enjoy it will depend on how you feel about yourself. The older you get, the less you care about others opinions and you embrace who you are.

So, how do you go from having so-so orgasms to having incredible ones? Well, it's pretty simple!

• Get more love hormones (oxytocin). Your body makes this hormone naturally and when your body is buzzing with it, your orgasms are going to be explosive! You can get more of the hormone simply by being affectionate toward your partner.

• Don't be afraid of foreplay. You don't run a marathon without warming up, so why would you have sex before warming up? Now, the type of foreplay you engage in may take a bit of trial and error to figure out what will work for you and your partner, but once you figure it out, you can get the juices flowing so the main event is that much more interesting!

• Lube is a necessity. While you might think your body creates enough lubrication on its own, you might find that your body will reach the point of no return much quicker when you've got that extra slipperiness to help.

• Know your body. You cannot expect to orgasm if you aren't familiar with how to get yourself off first. By knowing your body and what sends you over the edge, you can help your partner master your body, ensuring an orgasm by their hand. Don't be afraid of offending them – they'll appreciate your help because they'll be able to help you!

• Delay climax. The point of sex isn't go get off as quick as you can. In some instances, you can get away with it. But if you're looking for the orgasm to end all orgasm, bring yourself to the edge and then back off at about 90%. Slow down to about 45%. Build yourself back up a time or two before the final release.

Any tips or tricks that help you or your partner get off? Leave us a comment below and share what works for you!