4 Essential First Date Tips For Men Every Guy Should Follow


Going on a first date is never easy.
First you have the planning. Where will I take her? What does she like to do?
Then you have the nerves. Will she turn up? Is it going to lead to anything serious? What if she leaves half way through?
Everyone gets anxiety over a first date. It's natural and this is why we have come up with some essential first date tips for men that will make a good impression. This isn't rocket science rather it is nailing the basics down and building from there. Remember that both of you are likely to be nervous so don't sweat it too much. The key to a first date is to make a good impression and show her that she doesn't need to have her best friend on speed dial to bail her out.
Ready for some tips for your first date together?

#1 Plan A Structured Date

One of the main things when it comes to planning a first date is to have structured time. We don't mean that every little thing that you do is regimented however simply meeting up and standing in the middle of the street wondering what to do or where to go doesn't bode well for you chances of success. In fact, it will go against you if you have any intentions of getting a second date.
Is she into indie music? Why not take her to a local gig? Do you both enjoy art? A trip around a museum and a cup of coffee afterwards will give you both something to talk about.
Planning a structured date that allows for some flexibility will keep those awkward silences to an absolute minimum.

#2 Engage In Two Way Conversation

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to talk about yourself or ask a load of closed questions. Good first date advice consists of keeping her interested in what you are saying and showing interest in her.
Talking about yourself for a few hours and trying to make yourself sound like the most interesting guy in the world but she will lose interest pretty quickly. Have you ever had to listen to a stranger speak about themselves non-stop? The reaction you had will be the same as hers.
Ask about her job, her life and what she is planning for the future. Sure, talk about your own achievements (one of the first date rules is trying to make an impression after all!) but don't hog the conversation.

#3 Keep Touching To A Minimal

An important piece of first date advice is to keep physical contact to a minimum.
You never know where a first date will lead but we can tell you that it won't lead anywhere good if you get overly physical right away. One of the main first date tips for men is to keep contact friendly and natural. Avoid any sexual contact right away because it will have the opposite effect.
The best tips for a first date are to touch her arm gently if you make a joke or to put your hand on the small of her back if you are going through a busy bar. Just avoid going in for that first kiss right away.

#4 Put Your Phone in Your Pocket

There is nothing worse for the other person if their date is constantly looking at their phone.
Not only is it rude but it basically says that you aren't that interested in what she has to say. You might be checking your phone out of habit or because you are nervous but do your best to put it in your pocket and keep it there.
It also has the potential to cause her to become paranoid. Is he texting his friends about me? Maybe he is asking one of them to call him and get him out of here? Put your phone away and engage with her rather than checking your Facebook timeline.

First Date Advice for Men


A first date is always going to be nerve racking.
The fact that you are actually going on a date shows that there is attraction there otherwise why would she even agree to meet up with you? The key is to make it as natural and enjoyable for both of you as possible.
Do something that you can talk about afterwards and if you are going for a drink then don't talk about yourself all night. Avoid awkward physical contact and keep your phone in your pocket unless you really have to check your messages.
It is unusual for a first date to be absolutely perfect but if you follow our tips your chances of getting a second one will be greatly increased.