Single at 30? Top Tips to Get You Back in the Game!


Say Yes
When you are over 30 and single there are endless questions that can spin around your head during this time of why am I single, am I too old, what went wrong. However I am here to discuss with you that your feelings should be on the contrary. Being single in your 30s is the perfect opportunity to open your mind and say yes. Say yes to opportunities that you may have ignored in the past, don't forget you are single, free, fit and available to do anything you would like. By saying yes you step out of your comfort zone and into a world of opportunity, giving you the best chance to meet new people, experience different occasions and become a well-rounded person, this is attractive! Regardless of your sexual preferences saying yes and socialising with both men, women, gay and straight not only boosts your self-confidences but opens up a network of prospects to meet and greet others and go on to further develop your social circle. It's important to build your social circle and surround yourself with single people you don't fancy as well as people you do.

Number 1
As you enter into your 30s your body can certainly start changing, especially if your single at 30 you may start to neglect what you eat, when you eat, what you look like and so forth. You must look after number 1. A top tip is aiming to feel and look your best, and in turn you will boost arguably the most attractive quality there is, self-confidence. The buck does stop with you, if you look or feel unhealthy then your appeal reduces and the social circle you keep may also have an unhealthy lifestyle. To boost your chances of meeting a partner with a similar healthy outlook, and a positive mind-set that is attracted to confident and stable men you must aim to improve your quality of life. Try cooking for yourself, making healthier meals, this will save money on food shopping which can be spent elsewhere such as new clothes or evenings out. Exercise, eat clean and sleep well, these fundamentals will improve your sex appeal, your libido, strengthen your self-confidence and increase your quality of life.

Cyber Action
30 and single men are still of an age that can use the latest technologies to improve your opportunities to meet people. To place yourself in the best position to meet single women and develop your social circles in a relatively natural way then using a date website can help. These sites often use high tech matching technology to link you with potential partners with similar interests, hobbies and outlook on life. This is a great place to start. You can use dating sites to chat and meet people from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of what you want to get out of it. Arranging to meet up and having the opportunity to go on lots of dates or use it to build your confidence with talking to women again either way start interacting now! However make your intentions clear online, this will save them and you a lot of time, if you are there to chat say so, if you want to meet up with potential partners then make yourself available, don't waste time with someone if you are looking for different things. Enjoy chatting and virtually meeting others online before arranging a date, practice makes perfect and build your confidence talking to women. However I would ensure that online dating is purely supplementing your opportunities to meet women, don't make this your only option as you will lose those organic skills of meeting others. Fill your diary with opportunities to meet people, and if you find that one evening didn't work out as planned then log on, getting chatting and fill up next week's diary instead.