What is Blended Orgasm and How to Have it


I know many men and women who are highly sexual individuals. They like sex and there's nothing wrong with that. But what surprises me is a lot of women are still not achieving orgasms! Are you shocked as well?

Is it possible a woman can have an orgasm and not know what it feels like? I suppose it is, but I seriously doubt you can mistake those muscles contracting inside your body.

But did you know there are several ways a woman can have an orgasm? Oh yeah, there's multiple ways in which she can cum, but let's talk about the three most common ways to have an orgasm.

Clitoral Stimulation


This is perhaps the one most known to couples or singles. It was probably the kind of orgasm many women experienced as their first time. Naturally, it is achieved by clitoral stimulation but it's intense. The whole body feels this powerful wave of pleasure.

The clit must be the most excitable part of a woman's body, but stimulating her can be different from the next woman. Some girls want a gentle touch while others like it a little rough.

Then you have women who find it painful. Just so you know, fellas, it's not giving her pleasure if it's hurting her, so let go when she says to let go. You can resume after a few minutes have passed and her body returns to normal.

The Vaginal Orgasm


This is different from the clitoral orgasm in that it starts with the vagina and will stay within the confines of the pelvic area or spread throughout the body. It is described as a hard orgasm as a woman can feel it in her pelvic muscles, the uterus and even in her anus. Fascinating, isn't it?

You're going to need to pack a lunch for this orgasm as it can take a while to achieve. Don't be surprise if you're doing your thing for the next half hour or so. If this is your goal, you may need to talk about the best way to position yourselves. And whatever you do, don't stop when she's at the verge of exploding. There's nothing more frustrating and disappointing than to get there and then, nothing.

Females squirt, too!

You may feel like you want to pee and that is the way it's supposed to feel. Hitting the G-spot is an art. Not many know how to capture it. However, the spot is located right before the vagina and is connected to the urethra. That's why you feel the urge to go.

If you and your partner really know each others bodies, you can achieve a squirting orgasm. In actuality, she can do it by herself. But if you're the cause of her squirting, you have a friend for life! If I were you, I'd be very careful who I give this gift to. You don't want to end up with a stalker.


Any orgasm is good for the body, mind and soul, however, some are better than others. None will happen if the woman is not into it. It's a mind thing as much as it is a clit thing. A good orgasm will cure stress, tension and even depression if only for an hour.