Want your sexy partner to feel comfy with you in one bed? Just quit pretending to be a porn star!


Seriously, folks, there's no need to repeat all those nasty moves you may see in porn clips/movies. I know you want to a macho grande for your sweet chicas, but doing crazy things in you bedroom and turning a sex game into a pure, brutal mating – it's not that way you should choose to make your girlfriends love and appreciate your sexual performance. As for poor souls who believe that being a brutal male is the only way to treat women in bed I want to quote Sujeiry Gonzalez, a “sexy writer” and creator of Love Tips for those adult fun seekers who need help to get more excitement and joy from their sexual life: “Their ego is as big as their imaginary penises.” Believe it or else but it's true!

Still, when you feel you can't do without dirt talking and being rude with your sex partner, you may try one of the most popular free sex chat sites to blow off steam. Frankly, there's no place like a free sex adult chat to share your wildest ideas and “frank stories” you give for true.

As for real bones jumping, to make your turtledove have sex with you again and again several times in a row it would be enough to quit doing the following stupid things we, men, very often do:

Banging like a jackhammer. Although SOME women MAY like really hard sex, most of dames prefer to deal with sex partners who care about their tender buds of passion. So forget about all those nasty scenes you've been watching a night before your big date and show you sweetheart how careful and loving you really are.

Leaving bite marks on her skin. Using your teeth for a pre-game is pretty good idea indeed, but there's no need to act like a wolf-man as if you want to tear your lover's flesh to pieces. Yeah, your initial assumptions are 100% correct: it hurts!

Leaving your socks on during the sexual intercourse. In my eyes, folks, making love with your sock on is a bad taste. I guess sex game is hot enough to warm up your tender feet so leave your stinky friends outside your bedroom to keep love atmosphere clean and fresh.

Wringing off her nipps. Honestly very often I just can't help it! However twisting off girlfriends' nipples as if they were a radio dial may cause big problems for you fellas, and great pain for your chicks. In fact, nipples should be considered as one of the most sensible erogenous zones so to make your sex partner moan of desire you need to be very careful just like a sapper neutralizing an explosive device: gently but insistently.

That's it folks! I hope you got enough handy-dandy info for this time. Actually, aforementioned tips are able to change your sexual life to good. The only thing left is to use these recommendations in practice. Go on,lovers, show 'em whatcha got; let 'em feel tender power of your love!