The worst free dating adult tips able to make you a total outsider once and for all (pour les hommes)!


Don't know about you, fellas, but I'm glad to meet you again right here, on the best free adult site in the good ol' USA! Now, now, guys, just kidding… just kidding.

I do believe, most of you are experienced in adult fishing and have enough web-places to visit for another dose of adult fun for a night. However, this time I gonna tell you about the rough stuff you, folks, should never do when making friends-for-a-night with another credulous chick interested in having adult fun with you. Remember that once and for all: some of those things we do just “for lulz” can be considered rather offensive and unacceptable by our sweet and tender sex mates.

No-no things you should avoid to woo a girl of your dreams.
In most cases, the most crazy things we, men, do when trying to impress our potential sex mates are quite predictable (though, I know a couple of “extra hard cases” when guys use all their creativity margin to ensure their loneliness for a couple of months in advance). In general, the most common list of those things you shouldn't really do when seeking for dating success may look as follows:

Stop talking trash about ladies. It's not that ill-natured tittle-tattle about females can be considered as something really scandalous in most modern men but when it comes to making another start in Romance you need to consider that 99.9% of dames hate when their lovers-to-be are brave enough to judge women's faults, pardon, features!

It's really hard to remind you of such things but… whatever you do… don't send her your tinker's shots! Unfortunately, even today very many gents think that women are fond of dicks' pictures: “It's the best way to make chicks feel horny.” What a bull! If you really want to amaze your lady with your skills, try to master a couple of new tricks to extend your sexual repertoire or learn more about foreplay instead of posting hundreds of repulsive me-and-my-best-pal pics in your dating profile. I mean it!

Lying is bad. Hope, there's no need to explain you that. On the other hand, some “smart” individuals think that little white lie is nothing but a best sauce for sex dating. Believe it or not, chums, ladies are perfect readers able to see all lines in our hearts. That's to say that our love mates can always tell when we “exaggerate” and they really don't think it's funny!