Don’t Know What To Do After A Break Up? Here’s Some Top Tips


What to Do After a Break-Up

After breaking up with a partner, there is so much that we want to but sometimes we shouldn't always do them. It can be tempting to really let loose and go a bit wild but it isn't always the best way. Here are some top tips on how to deal with a break up without going too mad.

Remove Your Ex from Your Life

When asked what to do when you break up, the number one thing you should say is to remove your ex from all areas of your life. Sometimes people can stay friends with their exes but if that really isn't going to work for you, then you are going to want to delete them from your mind completely in case temptation lures you back in again and you end up back in a doomed relationship.

Delete their number from your phone, remove them from your friends' list, block them on all social medias. If it was a bad break up especially, you aren't going to want any ties to him or her so get rid now.

Get Yourself Back Out There

If your break up was a long time coming and you are already ready to start looking again, take a look at online sites like and see what happens. Perhaps even go for a girls or boys night out and get chatting to new people and see where it leads to. You never know what could happen – you could even potentially find the one!

People say there is a set amount of time you should leave but that isn't the case at all. If the relationship has been dead in the water for months now before you finally gave up on it, then no one will blame you for wanting to go out and have some fun and perhaps a new man or woman to take their place. The important thing, however, is to remember to not make completely rash decisions straight after a break up as it will only lead to regret. However if you know in your heart of hearts that you want to get back out having fun, then do it! You don't need anyone else's permission but your own.

Be Sad If You Need To, Be Happy If You Need To

It's so easy for other people to tell you how to feel when it comes to a break up, it is so easy for them to tell you what to say to break up with someone and berate you if you don't do it in the way they said (a sit down adult conversation where you break up is far better than a big dramatic scene, believe me!). But these people don't feel how you feel – only you know how you feel about the whole break up and if you're sad about your relationship coming to an end, you are allowed to be sad. If you are happy, perhaps even relieved, then that is fine too. It is no one else's right or business to tell you how you should feel after such a life event.

What not to do after a break-up

It is all well and good being told what to do after a break-up but it is also super important to know what you shouldn't do after a break up too. Whether you are the one causing the heartbreak or you're the heartbroken one, it isn't easy to get over and neither of you should give the other hope of a reconciliation if there isn't likely to be one – cut all ties and don't let yourself be tempted to going back to a failing relationship, it still won't work in the long run.

Don't pretend you are fine if you are not. You're allowed to be sad – go out with your friends and get it out of your system or take the time to get chatting to new people. Don't try to keep a friendship between the two of you if you know it ultimately won't work – people will end up getting hurt in the long run. That being said, don't get vengeful even if you feel you have the right to, it's not a good look and definitely not a good idea.

If you've deleted them from all aspects of your life, it can be tempting to unblock and have a little social media stalk but that's another thing you really shouldn't do – it opens you up to communication from them again and also you may end up seeing something you don't want to see.

These are just a few tips of what to do and what not to do after a break-up. It can be a stressful time so take care of yourself.