What Are The Main Signs of Sexual Compatibility?


For some couple's, sex can be a real chore. It might still be enjoyable but it can seem like an effort doing it.

In other situations, the spark can go out of a relationship very early or you can just not hit it off with a new partner. Have you ever thought that you might not just be compatible with the other person? Sex compatibility is a real thing and we are going to look at 3 reasons why you might both be compatibility with each other.

Sex is such a big part of a relationship and you need to take these things into consideration before you think about starting to get serious with someone.

#1 You Both Enjoy Foreplay

Foreplay is a really fun part of sex. In fact, it is a critical part of being aroused and sets you both up for intercourse.
A sign that you are compatible for each other is that you both enjoy it. If sex means simply getting your clothes off right away and ignoring any foreplay, then it isn't going to be as fun. Couples who enjoy turning each other on, using massage oils and other techniques to get aroused are more compatible than those that don't.

#2 A Willingness to Try New Things

We all love sex. Who doesn't? That being said, sex can get boring pretty fast.
If you are simply doing the same things over and over again then you are going to get tired of it pretty quickly. The excuses start to come out – “I have a headache”, “not tonight” – and your relationship in the bedroom takes a nosedive. If you are compatible with each other then you will likely have a willingness to try new things, experiment and be adventurous. Couples that simply do the same things over and over again might not be sexual compatible.

#3 Sex If Effortless For Both of You

Finally, one of the main signs of sexual compatibility is that sex doesn't require any effort.
We don't mean that you don't have to use any effort when having sex but that it doesn't feel like a chore to actually have sex. You both want it, it can be spontaneous and it doesn't feel like something you have to do rather it is something that you want to do. Sexual compatibility starts when you both love having sex rather than feeling that you need to have sex regularly to keep the relationship going.

Are You And Your Partner Sexually Compatible?

So, do any of these signs apply to you?
If you are your partner are sexually compatibility then you will probably enjoy trying to new things, experiment with each other, enjoy foreplay and sex won't feel like an effort. Sex is an important part of any relationship as it helps you maintain intimacy but if you aren't sexually compatible then you may find that other parts of your relationship suffer too. Couples that aren't sexually compatible tend to break up but if you display signs of a well-matched sexual connection then you should enjoy a long lasting relationship with each other.