10 Activities for Your Sexual Wish List



We've all heard of sex tapes, usually when they involve a celebrity and get leaked to a much wider audience than was originally intended. But it's very easy to become the stars of your own homemade R-rated movie – ensuring the recording is stored carefully and password-protected. Once your camera rolls you can really shed any inhibitions as you morph into lurid stars!


The possibility of being discovered always adds a frisson of danger to a sexual encounter. You might choose to get amorous in a car park or the rest room of a hotel. Wherever you end up being frisky, if it's far removed from your usual location it can only result in increased pleasure.


There's nothing wrong with pretending to be someone else just before you get down to it. The pretense could commence with a meeting in a public place, only with one of you assuming the position of an escort. The illusion could be enhanced with wigs. How about an overcoat masking the fact that beneath the outer garment your partner is clad in a basque, stockings and suspenders? You've heard the expression ‘get a room.' The next step is to do just that.

Three's company

Let's face it, most of us enjoy twosomes and probably think of orgies or group sex as something that other people get involved in. But why not invite a third party to join you? This will help to break barriers, giving your partner and yourself even more confidence to explore what turns each other on the most.


At some point many partners have fantasized about being tied up, spanked and generally treated like sex slaves. Then why not turn your daydreams into reality? Prepare to be gagged and strapped to the bedposts!

Mutual masturbation

Sex doesn't always have to be about energetically rolling around together. You can have a lot of fun lying side by side while pleasuring yourselves. Watching your partner slowly bringing himself or herself to the boil will be just as gratifying for you.

Risque cuisine

Whipped cream. Strawberries. Chocolate. All that stuff that is supposed to be so bad for you can become positively devilish when smeared across your lover's naked physique so you can enjoy lapping it all up.


Soldiers, firefighters or police officers are all regularly fantasized about. Wearing a costume will notch up the desire levels until it takes a huge amount of willpower to resist the urge to rip those costumes off.


When it comes to adopting positions, couples can quickly fall into a routine. They like familiarity. So why not be adventurous? Experiment with various techniques. As well as varying who is doing what and when, use different degrees of force. Raw energy and bursts of roughness can be uplifting.

Hot tub

A sex positions list might include initiating sex near a hot tub, before working your way into the cauldron of bubbles and hot jets. Making love amidst the soothing water currents will be an unforgettable experience.